Thursday, March 4, 2010

Earthquake Damage in Pichilemu, Chile

Today was mi suerte dia (my lucky day)! The ATMs were working and I was able to get some cash! And I was able to buy groceries with a credit card. Unfortunately, there was very little to buy, no fresh meat - just deli things. So I bought bread, cheese, ham and a bunch of other stuff we needed like shampoo, toilet paper, paper towels and dish detergent. And I was even luckier to find a collectivo right outside the store where usually there isn't one within 3 blocks. And he was a friend of ours and brought me all the way to our house (the collectivos usually drop us off about 2 blocks from our house on Comercio unless we tip them a little extra). A lucky day for me, indeed. Then, with the cash, Jim and I went to the little store near our house and found pork chops! And fresh veggies and fruit! Yummm!

Below are some pictures I took today of what little earthquake damage I saw.

On a sad note, we saw several vehicles of military heading south to Paradones. And military helicoptors scanning the beach for bodies. What a grisly thought to think that there could be bodies washing up on our beach.
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