Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Pictures of Pichilemu after the Tsunami and Earthquake

This is a little bar across from the Plaza (park) and you can see the watermark on the side of the building. This is about 2 blocks from the beach.

This building across from the beach lost a wall seen in the foreground. On the right there are some men who were cleaning up but they seemed rather stunned. They had to stop often just to look around as if they still couldn't believe it.

I know it's hard to see, but straight ahead under the sign are three surfers going out to brave the surf.
The debris that washed ashore.
These fishermen are cleaning up their boats. The guy on the tractor (next to the yellow boat) haul them in and out of the water and probably helped them get their boats back on the sand. Many boats are still on the street.

This is across from the cabanas where we stayed. Next to the sidewalk is a lamp post bent completely flat from where it is attached at the base. The balustrade and most of the white and red do-dads that look sort of like bowling pins (seen below) were sheered off.

Below is the beach walk that fronts the sand. It once had a balustrade on the beach side. You can see the base of it but nothing else is left.

Thanks for your interest is what happened here in Pichilemu. Please feel free to leave your comments or email me directly.

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