Friday, March 5, 2010

Post Office Damage and Empty Lagoon after Saturday's Earthquake in Pichilemu, Chile

Today I found out why the post office was still closed. It's been condemned! They have a little makeshift PO down the street. If you look closely, you can see cracks and places where the plaster has fallen off.

Below is the building next door to the PO. Looks even worse in person. The wall is actually bulging out!
The following three pictures are of the lagoon north of the cove. Last week it was full of water and now it is almost empty. Very strange! I was told that a friend of ours who lives above the lagoon was calming his nerves with a whiskey after the massive earthquake while looking out his window. He saw a huge surge rush in when the tsunami struck and then most of the water drain out.

We never even knew there were rocks there because they were always covered with water.

Thanks for looking and for your interest in what happened here in Pichilemu. Please feel free to leave your comments or email me directly.

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