Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pictures of Earthquake and Tsunami Damage in Pichilemu, Chile

Below are a few pictures of the devastation suffered by Pichilemu from the 8.8 earthquake and subsequent tsunami. I have more pictures but the wifi signal is weakening and I cannot get any more pictures to upload, but I will try again later.
A sad note, our friends Leo and Maria Angelica just dropped by to see how we were and Maria told me that she heard that 26 people were killed here in Pichilemu. I saw a funeral procession while I was in town today but I had hoped that it was from a natural death and not a result of our disaster. Sorry that I gave out wrong information.

As expected, there was a great deal of debris all over the beach and cove areas.
Above is the cabana where we spent the first three weeks we were in Pichilemu waiting for the purchase of our house to be completed. We would lie in bed and watch the surfers in the fabulous waves just across the street. Now there is a steel shipping container smashed into that very same window. Above is the front and below is the back of Pepe Cuervo's restaurant.
Below was once a little snack bar next door to a surf camp. The surf camp seemed to be okay, but this little snack bar was destroyed.

Above is a clean up crew clearing debris that is piled up on the streets.

Below is another of our favorite restaurants. It is well above the beach but suffered lots of glass falling inside as a result of the earthquake.

Thanks for your interest in what happened in Pichilemu as a result of Saturday's devastating 8.8 earthquake and tsunami. Please feel free to leave your comments or email me directly.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Im from Chile, but I live now in California. My parents have a beach house in Pichilemu and I was very sad thinking what happend over there. Is really sad...tks for the pictures and theinformation. I read about a couple from London, their family need to know how their are, you have any information?. Tks again. Big hug. Carla.

Geree said...

Thanks Carla for the good wishes and the hug. It means so much to have so many wish us well.
I heard today that 26 people who were camping on the beach were killed. Previously, I was told that no one had died. If the British couple were not on the beach or staying in a cabana across the street (and were still there when the waves came ashore) they are safe. But, you may want to contact my friends Charles and Zandra who are working at contacting those who cannot communicate. You can reach them at: Good luck! And, I will be posting more pictures soon so por favor check back again later.

JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

Thanks for the pictures, Geree - it makes it all seem so much more real than the scenes we see on the news!

Take care -


Geree said...

Thanks Judy! Sometimes it's a bit TOO real for me. We are still having aftershocks that remind me how real it is!