Thursday, October 22, 2009

Second Group Trip

HI Everyone!
Yesterday Jim and I went on our second bus tour with the Vivir la Vida group of Pichilemu to the port city of San Antonio. It was really fun and we went to places Jim and I hadn't been before. This first picture is of us at the first stop on the trip, a natural history museum: "Museo Municipal de Ciencias Naturales y Arqueologia." It was very interesting and there was a wild life rescue enclosure too. There was a little cat that reminded us of Buffy.
Next was fisherman's wharf where we saw this sea wolf (sea lion) getting out of the water and climbing the rocks. There are a few more sea lions lying on the rocks but he was by far the largest!
He made it to the top of the rocks where he would wait to be fed. He just had his mouth open getting a nice snack of a fish head but ate it before I could get the camera to snap. He was HUGE!

Also waiting for free fish snacks were some pelicans. Pelicans are one of my favorite birds to watch fly. They are so graceful in the air. There were large groups of pelicans all along the wharf and I really enjoyed seeing them.
These pelicans are waiting for snacks that can be purchased at the blue and red ice chests you see in front of the group.

Jim took this picture of the wharf - such a great view.

Then I ran out of pictures on my camera card so I have no more photos to show. But, after San Antonio we visited a really nice beach, La Boca where we saw a large flock of Black Necked Swans. Very cool! We picked up interesting rocks and shells and then we off again to a tea party with another senior group in the little town of La Boca. They sang songs and some of our group danced. (I was pretty tired by this time and I wondered how other, older members of our group had the energy to dance!) That was so nice of the hosting group and we had a nice time. Then we headed home but not without a stop at a plant stand and another at a strawberry stand. Jim jumped off the bus and bought a huge box of strawberries. I was too tired by then to get off the bus but I am really happy Jim wasn't because the strawberries are fabulous!
Then, we finally made it home at 10 pm. Having stared at 7 am, it was a long day for us! The Chileans were still singing and having fun all the way home. Such stamina!

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