Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Bus Tour

Hi Everyone-
Last Thursday, Jim and I joined the Vivir de Vida group on a 14 hour bus tour to see some interesting sites. We went to two museums, a place where water wheels are still used to irrigate the fields, a couple of local artists and a cheese shop. We took frequent breaks to stretch our legs and to have something to eat and drink. We went to many places we had never been before and we both enjoyed the trip a great deal.
Here I am standing in front of our bus when we visited one of the local artists.
Jim is checking out some cool things in one of the museums. We left that morning at 7 am so no, he didn't have time to shave.

This is our friend Leo. It's hard to believe he's 70 years old! He looks so young. He and his wife lived in the States for several years and they speak good English, which we appreciate with our not so good Spanish.

This is our friend Guillermo who is el Presidente del grupo (the president of the group). He's showing me the flowers he bought for his wife that are made from the leaves of corn.

This painting of sunflowers in the home of the artist who makes things from corn leaves reminded me of New Mexico. Our friend Marta is in the foreground.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun bus trip, you are so lucky to have made so many friends in Chili and have so many new sites to visit. It looks like a good time was had by all. Joanne