Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Price a Slice of Paradise?

This little model cabana was built on Comerico with a sign that reads 'desde $2.200,000' which means that the prices start from (according to the exchange rate this afternoon) $3,753.00! Can you imagine building a house for so little? Of course, you'd still need a lot and to hook up to city water and electricity and install a septic system that would probably bring it to around $5000!
At this price, everyone can enjoy their own slice of paradise!


Joan Marie said...

Are you trying to convince us all to move there? tee hee! Trust are a temptress, aren't you? LOL That is such a cute little cabana!
So happy to see you post's been a bit quiet!
You know how I miss you!

judemowris said...

Geree, any idea about the square footage?

Geree said...

Hi Joan and Jude-
This little cabana is really cute isn't it? I would guess it's about 500 sf. What some people do is raise the roof level to have a loft for sleeping and storage. What a lot of people do who have large lots is build a couple of these to rent during the summer. Think of $50/day for 3 months! It's a pretty good business.

You may not know that Apple Baker has been writing me for information about Pichilemu. He may be thinking of Chile as his next adventure. I took this pic of the cabana to show him how affordable it can be to live here.

Thanks for looking! Next up? Pix of the beaches!