Tuesday, March 24, 2009

La Puntilla-LIttle Point

If there is any doubt why we live here, these pictures of the coast should explain why.

This area is called La Puntilla-little point.

This neighborhood skirts the landing strip (called the airport here). These houses are regular family dwellings but the houses get more expensive and impressive as we go north along the coast. It reminds us of La Jolla, but I didn't take any pictures of the houses, just the beaches.

There are some rocky areas. Be careful along here!

This cross marks the spot where an unfortunate person died here. I wonder what happened? Couldn't be swimming here, perhaps washed off the rocks by a big wave?

Well, that's it folks. Yesterday I went to San Fernando by bus and took lots of pictures. Look for them soon in a blog near you.


JM said...

Love the pics Geree and looking forward to the next set!
Beautiful there! Looks like it would be a great place to visit!
Sigh...If only I could.
Miss you lots!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joan, I would love to visit you and see all the wonderful things you have been telling us about. Is the Cuba store still there? Mom