Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Horse Taxis and the Circus in Pichilemu

Up until a little over 20 years ago, there were no cars in Pichilemu. That's right, everyone had horses, horse carts, or bikes. So, of course, there were 'horse taxis' like these shown below. Today, they are mainly used for the summer tourists. They are really fun to ride in but are considerably more expensive than the Colletivo taxis that cost about 60 cents/person.

And, so it follows, that wherever you have horses you must also have horse poop. Below is the horse poop scooper upper. I followed this guy for about a block trying to snap his picture but he was really moving out. I had to click this picture quick as he only stopped to turn around, having found no poop to scoop on this block.

Every summer the circus comes and stays for three months! So does the carnival. But the thing that is a mystery to me is why they don't open until 8 pm. Even on the weekends! No matinees! All summer there are hordes of tourists here but they cannot see the show during the day. It could be that most Chileans work until about 7 - 8 pm. Most employees get a two hour lunch that extends their work day into early evening. That's why the evening news doesn't come on until 9 pm. Interesting, no?

This is an old fashion circus with a tent! You can see it behind the boleteria. How cool is that?!

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