Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Goose Who Visited Jim and Geree

Chile is always full of surprises! Today a goose came to visit us. Now, we have four doggie friends who drop by for snacks, so we are used to feeding drop ins. We tried to think what we could find for our visitor the Goose to eat, but since we haven't known any geese before we didn't know what a goose would want. All Jim could think of was dog kibble. He tossed some down but Goose was not interested. I wonder why? He seemed to be looking for bugs but he was looking in all the wrong places. In the front yard, we have lots of weeds and grass that are probably full of juicy bugs for geese, but he didn't make it down there.


Anonymous said...

What an interesting life you lead in Chile, I have never heard of a visiting goose. Keep your eyes out for more neat visits. Joanne

JM said...

What a beautiful goose!!! Great picture Geree!!!
Here's what I found out for you...
Found on ehow.com :

Feed them cracked corn. You can find cracked corn in feed stores, and it's fairly cheap in bulk amounts.

Give them wheat, oak and barley. Like cracked corn, you can find these in feed stores.

Purchase wild bird food. While wheat, oak, barley and cracked corn are your best choices, wild food, if it contains wheat and corn, is acceptable.

When we lived by a lake, we would stop and feed them dry bread until a sign was posted we couldn't do that anymore. They love the bread but now I've been told that isn't good for them.