Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beach Walk to Punta de Lobos

Jim and I took a long walk on the beach to Punta de Lobos. This first picture is of the cove and the structures built pretty much right on the sand. The formation of the cove and the rocks off shore prevent the buildings from flooding (too much).

Check out the surfer seal in the picture below. It is in front of what looked like a surf hostel but could be someone's home. The seal surfer reminds me of a guy I once dated named Phil (he had a bod like this and his face sort of looked like this too).

There must have been a school of fish just off shore because there were lots of pelicans and sea gulls diving for lunch.
Jim was hoping to find buried treasure today. But all he found was an old 10 peso coin. (He's wearing a sweatshirt my mom sent him for his birthday.)


JM said...

Really outstanding pics! I especially love the pelicans over the water! It's really quite beautiful there.
Please keep the pics coming...they are great!
Hugs and miss you!
Just Me :)

(hey)Jude said...

Geree, i do LOVE your new blog look! Quite jazzy! And I always appreciate photos of scenery. More, ok?
(hey)Jude ...still homeless but hopeful:)