Monday, June 29, 2009

Walk on the Beach the Day After a Storm

We have had a rain storm for the past few days and today was the first clear day. We took advantage of it and took a walk on the beach. As you can see, it is still a bit hazy but not too cold.
Jim is contemplating the huge waves.
Behind Jim is the east part of Punta de Lobos: you can see a few of the houses that are almost right on the sand.
I like the way the sun shimmers on the water, especially with this rock.

This is another view north but we have walked a distance away from the rock at this point.


Anonymous said...

What a neat way to get your exercise. Do things wash up on your beach? Like drift wood?

Geree said...

The beach is very long with big surf most days. But, there are very little stuff from the ocean washing up. Most stuff is trash washed down from the ravines. Lots of broken shells and few rocks. I try to find feather to bring home for the cats.