Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Retire in Chile

Sunsets are just one reason retiring in Chile is great. It is late Fall here and the skies are beautiful this time of year.
My husband Jim and I have been listening to NPR and we are stunned by the state of the economy and the inability of the government to change things. Here is Chile we enjoy a higher standard of living and more enjoyable quality of life than we experienced in the States. Chile is a prosperous country without the economic problems the US has. The people are kind hearted, sweet natured, and affectionate. We have been invited to join a group for older persons that will take short trips around the country together. We have been invited to plays, concerts, and potlucks. Even though we hardly speak Spanish, Chileans are forgiving and enjoy trying their limited English on us.
I see from my visitor map that many persons (some I don't even know) from the States are visiting my blog. If you or anyone you know would like to escape the problems in the US and are thinking of moving to another country, spend some time researching Chile. We'd be happy to help you in any way we can. Please feel free to ask questions either here in the blog or by emailing me directly.


JM said...

Very beautiful skies Geree! It feels so odd that just a few short years ago we shared the same skyline and now look how far apart we are. You're going into late fall while we're approaching summer even! It's very surreal!
As far as the states - Yes, the economy isn't fairing well although some of us are getting through it alright. For me, I will be taking a 3.5% cut in hours and my wages are now frozen for two years but at least that's not as bad as we projected would happen. I haven't heard whether my health benefits will cost more or if they will be deleted yet but I can tell you that I really appreciate having them... especially after nine years of no insurance whatsoever.
Well, I guess I best get back to work now.
Always appreciate your updates in your blog!
Hugs and miss you lots!

Geree said...

Hi Joan-
So nice to hear from you. Sorry about how your hours and benefits are affected by the economy. Hope you can keep your insurance.Here, because Jim is over 60 (he's 65 now,hard to believe) he gets free medical insurance and I do too because I'm 'la otra'(the other). Nice because in CA, even with the discount through my retirement,it would be around $500/mo.
Write me soon!!

Anonymous said...

You make a good pitch for retiring in Chile. You have made a good decision to move to a beautiful beach town and it is very nice to be so accepted. I envy you.