Sunday, February 1, 2009

Scenes of Pichilemu-

This is how they advertise the circus: with a truck driving all over town blaring a recorded commercial about the circus. At one point there is a wicked HA HA HA! (Must be something scary or weird there.) At any rate, I guess the price of gas is less than the price of radio spots.
I took this pic for my mom who collects parasols for her Dixie Express Strutters. Here they actually use parasols to shade the sun. In Spanish 'para' means 'for' and of course, 'sol' means 'sun.' Makes sense that 'parasols' are 'for the sun.'

Look closely and you will see this is a bra booth at the Open Air Market. Can you imagine buying a bra at the swapmeet? This booth is there every Wed. and Sat.


Anonymous said...

Are you getting my comments?I see there are no comments on the cantalope pic, but I sent one yesterday. What is going on? Mom

Geree said...

Sorry Mom-
I don't know why some comments come through and others don't. But, please don't stop trying.
What did you say about the cantaloupe? It tooks us four days to eat it!

Anonymous said...

I bought some cantalope last week, it looked the size of an orange next to yours. I'm sure yours tasked better too.