Thursday, November 27, 2008

A walk around the block

Are you ready for your tour of our little neighborhood in Playa Hermosa? Here we are at the Planta las Rosas street sign.
This is Sonia's hedge. It is so colorful when everything is in bloom.

Planta las Rosas heading north to Pueblo Hundito and this is Sonia's house.
This is a view of our house from Comercio. It was from here I first saw the house and knew we'd buy it because of the magnificient view it has of the beach. Jim calls our house the Little Tyke surrounded by giants.

A view from Pueblo Hundito, the street from Commercio to Planta las Rosas.

This is the view from Comercio (the only road out of town to the south) of Punta de Lobos in the distance. A famous surfing spot. Today the waves are rather flat but there are days when the waves get HUGE! Thanks for taking the little tour of our neighborhood. Let me know your thoughts by leaving comments.


judemowris said...

What a lovely place! The flowers are just amazing. If I saw a bush like that here I would be sure it was the second coming, or something! And, the shelves are pretty nice, so maybe I won't come down there and flick ole Jim!

Geree said...

Yes, I agree, it is a lovely place. It is quiet and peaceful most of the year when most everyone is back at work in Rancagua. (This subdivision was purchased years ago by the Teniente mine company who then sold parcels to the employees. So most of the people who own homes here work for the mines and come here only for holidays. There are also summer rentals here so in a few weeks, there will be lots more people. And, we like that too. It's interesting when there is more activity around us.)Jim says for you two to come down anyway when your house sells and buy a vacation house here. You'd love spending winter down here where it's summer.
And, you're right, the shelves and bookcase are great. I really needed some space for my stuff. Even now, I have more stuff than space but it is working out.

Robin said...

I can't get over are three people who used to live 'right around the corner', so to speak, now gabbing away from the three corners of the earth via a blog! The wonders of This Modern LIfe!

G,your neighborhood looks so yummy to me. Makes me think of summers on Cape Cod back in the 50's and 60's. It also looks particularly good today, after a poopy,grey,cold,ultra rainy windy leaves in the air blowing kind of Thanksgiving day in Tome! Summer for you looks very nice from here.

I just love it that Jim is so into his handyman,rehab guy work. He see
's a need and fills it. Your studio may have to live without pushpins and nails in the walls,,,but OH such walls to look at! Good for YOU! and JIM!...I'm glad you are doing the blog...easiest way to stay in touch, Que No?

Hi, JUDE! Thanks for turning Geree on to the Blogspot!


Geree said...

I think it is fun, too, to have friends from so far away meet here and share again like we used to.
Come everyone, comment and be a part of the blogging fun!